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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has affected day to day life and is slowing down the global economy. This pandemic has affected thousands of peoples, who are either sick or are being killed due to the spread of this disease. 

COVID-19 has rapidly affected our day to day life, businesses, disrupted the world trade and movements. Identification of the disease at an early stage is vital to control the spread of the virus because it very rapidly spreads from person to person.  

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Livelihoods of daily wage earners, labourers, slum dwellers have disrupted massively. Maids, Plumbers, House Help, Rickshaw pullers, street-side vendors, labours and many more are hard-hit. Almost all have lost their jobs. Most of them are migrants and are caught completely unprepared and without a source of income and stuck in the city with limited movement. They have very little knowledge and a lot of misinformation about covid-19. Most of the information available on WhatsApp and Media is too technical for them to understand and lots of rumours and panic among them and they are also spreading rumours to others.

We are providing basic ration bags containing Wheat flour, Rice, Sugar, Dal, cooking Oil, Salt and Sanitizer and Soaps per bag for each such family. One packet keeps family off the streets for a month. Currently we are working in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar& Madhya Pradesh.

About Us


Our Vision

We aim to preserve family by meeting their needs through community programs. We aspire to develop these programs and reach the wider migrant communities of India, bringing awareness and advocacy to this population. 


Our Mission

To preserve and provide a sustainable environment for healthy mothers, children and families by providing Nutrition, Education and Counselling 


Our Values

To facilitate the creation of an ecosystem for children to flourish within their adoptive and birth families, by leveraging our experience in the areas of family preservation & strengthening.