What We do


There are significant inequalities in access to secondary education as far as income, gender, social group and geography are concerned. The capacity of the secondary schooling system needs to be significantly expanded across India. 

A shocking 17.7 million children in India are out of school. Working in hazardous conditions, living on the street, braving hunger, poverty and violence, childhood for them has become an endless struggle to survive.

But despite their circumstances, they have not stopped dreaming. Their dreams are as colourful as any other child’s and they have just as much potential to fulfil them. What they lack is a fair chance – an opportunity to go school, to hone their talents, to even have a happy and carefree childhood that every child deserves.

The Mission Education programme of ROOPANTARAN which is an TRUST in India identifies such out-of-school children from remote villages, tribal areas and urban slums, and provides them quality education. In addition to this, it also looks after their health, nutrition, and holistic development through participation in co-curricular activities.


To accelerate the educational quotient of India, ROOPANTARAN TRUST’s educational programs address the need of the hour and fosters the youth by providing open access to quality education using a multi-pronged approach:

  • Providing access to quality education through a network of schools
  • Offering Scholarships to the meritorious students
  • Planning to set up a world class university
  • Supporting like-minded partners.


What’s something exciting your business offers? Say it here. ROOPANTARAN Trust works towards enhancing access to quality and affordable healthcare in India. The Trust’s ‘Health for All’ motto and integrated healthcare model provides continuum of care to the most vulnerable sections of society through a network of healthcare delivery mechanisms.

Cumulatively, over numbers of have benefitted vulnerable patients through various health initiatives. Numerous health camps provide specialised care for HIV/AIDS, TB, mother and child health as well as various non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, bone and joint disorders, ophthalmic conditions among others.

Described below are major programmes under the “Health for All” initiatives.

Rural Transformation

Roopantaran Trust’s works toward enriching the lives of the marginalized communities of India. It enhances livelihood opportunities and provides relevant information to help reduce risks for rural communities.

By deploying locally-relevant solutions, it also enhances rural livelihoods in agriculture, marine fisheries and other farm and non-farm based activities. The Foundation makes systematic efforts to improve the quality and productivity of rural assets, leading to increased and more reliable yields. This ensures increased incomes and better capacities among the targeted marginalized communities.

Some of the major initiatives under the Rural Transformation programme are:

Institution Building

At the heart of all Roopantaran efforts lies the desire to build strong and vibrant community-owned and managed institutions. RT mobilises and organises communities into these associations to promote collective ownership, decision making and common welfare. The VA members work together to meet collective aspirational goals.

Nutrition Security

In its endeavour to improve nutrition security, Roopantaran Trust has supplemented the nutritional intake of rural households through promotion of small kitchen or backyard gardens, known as Roopantaran Organics Gardens (ROGs). These ROGs help improve the nutrition status of small and marginal farmers and their families, providing them with a diverse mix of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants throughout the year

Food Security

Roopantaran Trust works with small and marginal farmers to ensure food security in rural households. To increase the availability, affordability and accessibility of food, the programme is directly engaged in transforming more than 65,500 hectares of land with little or no productivity into fertile and productive lands (dharti farms), through sustainable agricultural practices.

Water Security

At the heart of all initiatives undertaken by RT for sustainable livelihoods is water. Rain-fed agriculture being practiced by more than half the farming community, their entire livelihoods depend on the monsoons. And ironically, most of their farmlands receive low and erratic rainfall. In addition to this, the absence of proper irrigation infrastructure often results in crop failure. The only plausible solution to this challenge is the creation of alternative sources of water, and irrigation.

The availability of water also forms the core of food and nutrition security, good health, nutrition and hygiene. With large parts of rural India routinely grappling with severe drought, water security is essential in villages, where families need constant access to the resource to meet their household and cattle requirements. Through the implementation of water management initiatives, RT encourages the adoption of practices that help conserve water and replenish existing water sources.

Ecological Security

RT helps communities secure their local ecosystems, with the larger aim of achieving sustainable development through biodiversity and natural resource management. The Foundation has put in significant effort to encourage ecological sustainability through resource conservation, use of cleaner resources and promotion of biodiversity.

Arts, Culture & Heritage

Roopantaran trust is reimagining ways to protect and promote India’s priceless heritage to not only sustain but also make art and culture relevant to the younger generation. India is a land of diverse cultures and it is RF’s endeavour to ensure that the youth appreciates and connects with its rich heritage and arts.

Urban Renewal

What’s something exciting your business offers? Say it here. Urban Renewal is an initiative that encompasses massive city-modernisation in order to improve the quality of life and infrastructure in cities. The Urban Renewal initiatives of Roopantaran Trust strive to enrich and improve public spaces to revitalise the ageing infrastructure and also provide newer facilities. 

Disaster Response

Roopantaran Trust is committed in its aim to respond to all disaster situations wherein human lives and livelihoods are jeopardised. Roopantaran Trust strives to assist speedily in the immediate aftermath of disasters, directly engaging with affected communities and leveraging its strengths – human resources and information technology – to efficiently and effectively provide relief and alleviate human suffering. In the event of severe and long-lasting impact, Roopantaran Trust may work with the communities to revive livelihoods, improve health and education, and ensure sustainable development.

Caution Notice

It has come to our notice that certain individuals claiming to be representatives of ROOPANTARAN are deceiving / misleading the public and collecting/ soliciting monies in the form of deposits or otherwise for purported scholarships and other benefits for educational activities by ROOPANTARAN.

We hereby notify the public that the said individuals are in no way connected to and do not represent ROOPANTARAN or any of its associated entities.

ROOPANTARAN never solicits money by way of deposits or otherwise for offer of scholarship or other benefits. Public are hereby warned not to deal with such unscrupulous elements. ROOPANTARAN and its associated entities will not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss suffered as a result of dealing with or depositing money with any such persons.

We request you to promptly notify the local law enforcement authorities and us in case any person seeks monies for purported offer of scholarships or benefits in the name of ROOPANTARAN.